The finders of keepers

GMT People is all about finding the keepers. The assets. The skill sets. The cultural fits. The team that delivers. As award-winning IT specialists, we recruit for Australia’s leading IT & tech companies, and recruit IT & Project personnel for State & Federal Government Departments and major corporate brands.

We don’t just get IT & tech, we live it & breathe it so we know where the talent is. We are the finders of keepers. Read why.

Discovering that ‘feelgood’ factor.

Whether you’re a client looking for your dream team or ultimate candidate, or a seriously skilled IT professional, GMT People is the powerful team to have in your corner. Bottom line, we’re the best way to find the right people or company. We are specialist IT recruiters and have the award-winning track history that proves our worth time and time again.  But let’s face it; great recruitment comes when both sides of the equation are balanced – great jobs and clients attract great candidates, and on that front, we more than deliver.

Supporting diversity in tech careers

GMT People, in our drive to find the keepers, those team members who are true assets, knows that finding the right people means building a diverse workplace.

A diverse workplace is an innovative workplace, able to draw from a range of backgrounds and experiences. And we don’t just talk about it. We work with our clients to build truly diverse teams and we play a role outside of our offices and in the broader marketplace to build up diversity in tech. 

We are proud sponsors of the Go Girl, Go For It program, which encourages school aged girls to consider careers in tech.

  • "It has been a pleasure working with a professional organisation."  Tim B.  Program Manager
  • "Thank you for the update and especially for including me into the submission to the client. As a side note, it has been a pleasure dealing with your organisation. The efficacy of your operation is impressive indeed."  

    Candidate Feedback

  • Hi Shar, "....I feel fortunate to have received the opportunity to interview [...] for this role and really wanted to meet the team [.....] I would like to mention that you are one of the most professional and warmest recruiters I have interacted with in the past two months of my job hunt. I hope to stay in touch in future. Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or concerns...." Wish you good luck! Regards, Hem
  • "GMT People really helped me when it came to securing an assignment. Their engagement was terrific; a really solid briefing on the client needs left me feeling confident; and their support in refining my CV was top-notch. A lot of agencies want to shoehorn you into assignments, but GMT People really did their homework and matched me with people, and an organisational culture and values, that allowed me to perform at a high level. They really added value to my application and got me the right assignment." Steve Bright Contractor Feedback
  • "A quick note of thanks for putting me forward for the role. I appreciate the time and effort you've all taken to present me as a candidate, as well as preparing me for the interview. I have never known recruitment agents to go through so much effort."

    Candidate Feedback

  • "I wish to express my sincere appreciation for your time and support in representing me to your clients.  It’s been an absolute delight in working with you. You are the only recruitment service I have dealt with that offers such a professional and personal service to candidates."

    Candidate Feedback

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