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Diverse Teams Are Innovative Teams

Many recruitment firms make claims to a diversity agenda, but don’t follow through. GMT People are different. Our team is led by Chris Skipper-Conway, Chair of Vic ICT for Women and a vocal champion of diversity in project management & tech careers across the board. We are about finding the right person for the role; gender, age, cultural background and ethnicity is not a barrier.

We put our practice where our mouth is.

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Go Girl, Go for IT is a free IT career showcase that has been running since 2001. The event is for all Victorian school girls in years 5 to 12 and challenges the view that IT is just about ‘coding’. Go Girl aims to excite and engage girls in this exciting world.

The one-day event focuses on inspiring students with fantastic role model speakers, showcasing technology of the future and challenging any preconceptions of what a career in IT might look like. GMT People is a very proud sponsor of the Go Girl program.

Visit The Go Girl Site

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Socially Responsible Recruitment

“All men, remember that every woman in this audience wants to stand beside you, and equal to you.”

GMT People Founder, Chris Skipper-Conway, accepting the 2017 APSco Award for Social Responsibility.