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GMT People & Our Candidates

Our candidates are all IT specialists. And our clients all have one thing in common; a reliance on, or a business need for, Information Technology. GMT People is a career partner who will invest the time to understand your professional career needs, deliver a flexible and personalised placement process to meet those needs.

What are some of the roles we recruit? Here’s just a taste:
Program Directors · Project Managers · Line Managers · Project Schedulers · Business Analysts · Systems Analysts · Programmers · Data Analysts · SAP Functional Consultants · Network Engineers · System Administrators · Database Administrators · Testers and Test Managers · Technical Writers · IT Sales: Pre & Post · IT Security Specialists · Help Desk Personnel

We don’t just stop when you’re placed; we stay in touch with you and your new company to make sure your’e settled and happy. We connect you with other candidates in our network and help you establish a professional network for support and advice. We use a world-leading People Management System to manage your recruitment process and timesheets. It’s just too easy!

Since our establishment in 1999, we have delivered contract and permanent IT roles to candidates in a diverse range of public and private industries all around Australia. GMT People is proud to have long-standing partnership arrangements with local, state and federal Government departments, Government Owned Corporations, as well as businesses of all sizes.

Regardless of size, we’re famous for our partnerships because we consistently deliver high-quality roles to IT candidates.


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Stand Out In The Crowd

GMT People has the best jobs in IT. Full stop. So we’re all about taking your amazing talents in the IT field and finding the perfect role for the next stage in your career. From Executive placement to happy contractors, we deliver access to the best companies out there.

Because we live & breathe IT & tech, with a track record spanning years and many awards, we know how to connect talent with the perfect gig for them. Talk to a GMT People consultant today and take the next step.

Send us your resume

The GMT People team is delighted to have a one-on-one conversation to discreetly discuss your career and next steps in full. We employ a leading-edge system, Talexity, to discreetly manage your resume and details, so to arrange a one-on-one meeting or apply for a role, simply email the relevant state office, your details will confidentially go on file, and we will be in touch. Here’s to the next stage of your career!


Preferred Supplier Clients

GMT People is a Preferred Supplier to a range of IT and corporate businesses as well as State & Federal Governments and Departments. This means that we are one of the first places they call when an IT role comes up. It also means that we have long-term relationships with these clients and can make sure it’s more than just a role and skills match, but a cultural fit too.

We are on speed dial with consulting companies, major Departments, City Councils, publicly listed and private corporate businesses of all kinds, telcos, universities, not-for-profits, media companies, aerospace companies and more. If you’re a candidate, get in touch, because we’ve got the jobs you want.