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​GMT People provides skilled individuals and teams of IT contractors for business and Government departments. We deliver on a proven work history, client culture, selection criteria and business environment when placing contractors.

How do we do it? Through:

  • Proactive Candidate Management

  • Candidate Screening

  • All Candidates Are Interviewed

  • Reference Checks

  • Post-Placement Candidate Care

  • Candidate Networking

GMT People has a proactive approach to sourcing, selecting and managing a pool of candidates and experienced GMT contractors. This means that GMT People is able to react rapidly to provide the highest quality candidates. It also means that IT contractors minimise “down time” between contracts and maximise working in roles that are aligned with their career goals.

IT Industry Networks

We are a highly engaged business. Because we monitor Government, business and technology trends, we are generally able to preemptively identify emerging client requirements. We source the best candidates with the requisite skills and actively maintain communication with them.


We screen and our interview techniques to uncover the best, so that when clients call on us, GMT People can select the perfect candidates and move fast for clients. We don’t waste time with unqualified or inappropriate candidates.

Extensive Database

On those occasions where we don’t have pre-sourced candidates, we have a number of other channels to source candidates through, including our own extensive database of resumes, advertising on the major on-line job boards and seeking referrals through our extensive professional network.

Shortlists for clients are created rapidly, and we are able to handle reference checks if the client prefers to outsource this service.

Relationship Management

Once our candidate is successfully placed, it’s not the end of the story. We actively manage the relationship between the client and the contractor to ensure that expectations are being met.


We also actively connect our IT contractors with each other to allow them to form a professional network with other GMT contractors and consultants so they can help each other to achieve outstanding results for our clients.