Software Development, Testing & QA

​Software Development, Testing & QA.

We are premier IT recruiters for Software Development, Testing & QA. We have decades of experience as IT Specialist recruiters and close relationships with the biggest,most desirable employers. We have blue-chippers, innovators, major projects, Federal & State Government.
This means we have access to some of the most exciting, rewarding and challenging Software Development roles on the market.

Digital transformation today is fast and affects all life spheres. So many of our daily interactions involve software. Every day people use Artificial Intelligence-enabled programs like Gmail, Google predictive searches, personalized product recommendations even without noticing this. The technological world is rapidly developing, shaping the way we live and work. Mobile and web apps, IoT platforms, AI-enabled programs, 5G, blockchain-based systems, and many other tech products are being adopted to solve different business challenges.

GMT People is all about finding the keepers. The assets. The skill sets. The cultural fits. To meet this growing demand in Software Development we provide the full compliment of IT recruitment services. Our focus is on making sure clients get the candidates and teams they need and quality job seekers get the career they deserve.
Our experienced team are continually recruiting highly-skilled Software Development, Testing and QA professionals.

Software Development roles we recruit
  • Android Developer

  • Application Developer

  • Application Development Manager

  • Back End Developer

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Front End Developer

  • Full Stack Developer

  • Head of Development

  • Mobile Application Developer

  • Solution Developer

  • Software Development Manager

  • Solution/Technical Architect

  • Technical Development Lead

  • Technical Consultant

  • Web Developer

Software and Application Development Technologies
  • Angular

  • ASP

  • C

  • C#

  • C++

  • CSS

  • HTML

  • IOS

  • Java

  • Javascript

  • JQuery

  • J2EE

  • MVC

  • Node

  • PHP

  • RubyOnRails

  • Sharepoint

  • SQL

  • .Net