​​To register as an IT Job Seeker with GMT People you can set up an Account here or alternatively forward an email with your contact details and CV to your local GMT People office:

​​GMT People has the utmost respect for privacy, confidentiality and discretion. To read our Privacy Policy in full, please click here.

​​Talexity is our candidate and contractor management system. For detailed instructions on how we use it, and for you to use it as well, please contact your account manager.

​​Prior to making a decision on your preferred method of engagement, such as, as a Contractor, GMT People strongly advises you to speak to your Accountant or Taxation Law Specialist in relation to the Australian Taxation Office’s rulings in relation to Personal Services Income.

If you nominate to be engaged by GMT People as a Business Contractor, we will assume that your enterprise is entirely managing its own affairs in accordance with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

There is a significant amount of information on contracting and consulting located on the Australian Taxation Office’s website at www.ato.gov.au and it is reiterated that anyone thinking of working as a contractor should seek professional advice prior to entering into any contractual arrangements.

​​Job Seekers looking for Contract work have the option to work under one of two arrangements and should seek advice from their accountant in relation to each:

Business Contractor:

Business Contractors have their own Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) company or Registered Business and are engaged under a contract called a Consulting Services Agreement. Business Contractors are required to invoice GMT People each pay period and are responsible for managing their own payroll and taxation affairs, including GST payments, PAYG withholdings, superannuation payments and company tax (if applicable).

Pay As You Go (PAYG) Contractor:

PAYG Contractors do not have their own business. TO ensure that PAYG Contractors meet personal income tax requirements, GMT People deducts PAYG withholding tax (income tax) and superannuation contributions from the contractors rate and remit them on the PAYG Contractor’s behalf, details of which are provided on Pay Slips.