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GMT People are all about the why, what and where of who.

We have decades of experience under our belts as IT specialist recruiters and offer the perfect blend of services for our clients and candidates. From Executive Search, Contract & Permanent Placements and through to IT Consulting services, we’re the perfect partner to find the keepers.

We find your keepers

GMT People is all about finding the keepers. The assets. The skill sets.
The cultural fits. The team that delivers. We recruit for Australia’s leading
IT & tech companies, and recruit IT personnel for State &
Federal Government Departments and major corporate brands.

We don’t just get IT & tech, we live it breathe it so we know
where the talent is. We are the finders of keepers. Talk to a
senior consultant about the perfect candidate for your project.

GMT People & Our Clients

Our clients all have one thing in common; a reliance on, or a business need for, Information Technology. We deliver contract and permanent IT staff to deliver ‘business as usual’ IT services within their own company and IT project staff and or consultants to design and deliver IT related projects.

GMT People provides the full compliment of IT recruitment and IT consulting services. Our focus is on making sure clients get the candidates and teams they need and quality job seekers get the career they deserve.

The rapidly evolving job market, where workers are more mobile and flexibility is more important, proves the need for recruitment solutions that meet a range of diverse needs. GMT People is your provider.

Since our establishment in 1999, we have delivered contract and permanent IT people to a diverse range of public and private industries all around Australia. GMT People is proud to have long standing partnership arrangements with local, state and federal Government departments, Government Owned Corporations, as well as businesses of all sizes.

Regardless of size, we’re famous for our partnerships because we consistently provide high quality, value added, cost effective IT recruitment solutions.

GMT People, importantly, has a precise and end-to-end process we follow when we take briefs, and vet candidates. We only put forward candidates who are likely to be appointed, and only put forward properly vetted and skilled candidates.

Preferred Supplier Clients

GMT People is a Preferred Supplier to a range of IT and corporate businesses as well as State & Federal Governments and Departments. We have long-term relationships with these clients and can make sure it’s more than just a role and skills match, but a cultural fit too.

Our client base includes consulting companies, major State & Federal Government Departments, City Councils, publicly listed and private corporate businesses of all kinds, telcos, universities and educational institutions, not-for-profits, media companies, aerospace companies and more. As a client, you’ll be in very good company.

Private & Public Clientele

GMT People has one-off, project and long term partnerships with a wide range of IT and project clients. As a client, when you’re seeking a recruitment partner, you need industry expertise, the ability to provide hands-on service, and the right scale.

GMT People has a long history of providing services to a significant number of the country’s leading private and public sector companies and organisations, and in addition to being happy clients, many of these organsiations have established a Preferred Supplier Agreement with GMT People. Meet with GMT People and be in good company.

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