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​GMT People is passionate about finding the perfect fit when we’re placing permanent team members in businesses & Government departments. Recruiting for roles at all levels, we have access to the best.

How do we do it? Through:

  • Understanding our clients’ brand & culture

  • Candidate Screening

  • Candidate Interviews

  • Skills Analysis

  • Reference Checks

  • Post Placement Candidate Care

  • Ongoing Client Relationships

GMT People’s sourcing and selection process is second to none and our preferred approach is to conduct on-site client meetings to ensure we identify the corporate culture and team environment in order to target the optimal match between our clients and the candidates that we recommend.

Skills & Culture Match

To ensure that we have identified the right culture and skills match, each and every candidate is screened, interviewed and profiled face-to-face prior to referring them onto our clients. We put shortlisted candidates through a pre-interview briefing process prior to each client interview.

This provides a higher than average success rate and ensures our candidates have a clear understanding of the client’s interview process, the interview panel and an overview of the key skills, knowledge and attitude the client is seeking.

This also helps to ensure that candidates demonstrate their full potential at interview rather than being impacted by what is sometimes a tense and uncomfortable situation for some candidates.

Reference checks

GMT People can conduct reference checks on behalf of the client, although some clients prefer to undertake reference checks on their preferred candidate themselves in order to fulfill their own internal due diligence requirements.

Subject to approval by the client, GMT People also likes to keep in touch with both the client and successful candidate during the candidates first three month’s of employment to monitor satisfaction.


We guarantee our permanent placement service and provide innovative services to meet our clients’ IT recruitment needs. Consequently, we are known in the industry for the partnerships we develop with our clients through providing high quality, value added, cost effective IT recruitment solutions.