Privacy Statement

This policy is a statement for Candidates, Contractors and Clients and applies to GMT Group Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries (trading as GMT People). GMT People is committed to protecting and maintaining the privacy, accuracy and security of the personal information of all individuals it deals with.

We are guided by the 13 Australian Privacy Principles from the Privacy Act 1988.  For the latest versions of the Act visit the ComLaw website: The APPs are available from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) website:

Any private information we hold will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Act. This includes access to that information.  Should you have any concerns over this Policy please do not provide GMT People with any private information by any means including our website.

Information Collection

GMT People manages personal information as an Australian Privacy Principles (APP) entity under the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) of the Privacy Act.

We will collect personal information from you directly when you fill out and submit one of our registration forms, application forms, or any other information in connection with your application to us for work.

As a contracted service provider to a range of Commonwealth, State and Territory government agencies, it may be necessary for us to collect and manage personal information as an Agency under different privacy arrangements.

This policy may change over time in light of changes to privacy laws, technology and business practice.  If you use our website regularly or conduct transactions with us that involve us to collect your personal information, it is important that you check this policy regularly to ensure that you are aware of the extent of any consent, authorisation or permission you might give.

What information does GMT People collect and what is its purpose?

The type of personal information that we collect and hold is information that is reasonably necessary for the proper performance of our activities or functions as a recruitment agency and is likely to differ depending on whether you are:

  • A Candidate – i.e. someone who is looking for a placement or work through us; or whom we have identified as a person who might be receptive to an offer of a placement or work through us;
  • A Client – i.e. someone other than a Candidate who is looking to acquire our services as a recruitment agency or whom we have identified as someone who might be interested in acquiring our services; or
  • A Referee – i.e. a person from whom we have sought facts or opinions regarding the suitability of one of our Candidates for work or positions through us; and who may be a Referee nominated by the Candidate, a Client or us.

Sensitive information is only collected with consent and where it is necessary for the performance of our functions and activities as a recruitment agency.   Sensitive information will need to be collected where it relates to a genuine occupational requirement, for the purposes of the right to work in Australia verification, or an inherent requirement of the job or work being considered.  Our collection of some types of sensitive information is also governed by equal opportunity and anti-discrimination laws.

You may choose not to provide us your personal information or to act under a pseudonym.   However, to do so will render us unable to provide you our services in seeking and being placed into work.


For Candidates

The type of information that we typically collect and hold about Candidates is information that is necessary to assess amenability to work offers and work availability; suitability for placements; or to manage the performance in work obtained through us. It includes:

  • Information submitted and obtained from the Candidates and other sources (e.g. Referees or Clients) in connection with applications for work;
  • Information about personality, character, skills, qualifications and experience;
  • Information about career path and preferences;
  • Information about work entitlement and ability to undertake specific types of work;
  • Information about health status and ability to undertake specific types of work;
  • Work performance information;
  • Information about incidents in the workplace;
  • Personnel information including contact details;
  • Information in relation to absences from work due to leave, illness or other causes;
  • Financial details including Superannuation, Bank details and Tax File Number;
  • Information required to undertake criminal history checks and obtain criminal history records; and
  • Information required to ascertain a Candidate’s right to work in Australia.

For Clients

The type of information that we typically collect and hold about Clients is information that is necessary to help us manage the presentation and delivery of our services and includes:

  • Client relationship information;
  • Information about position, contracting and hiring authority;
  • Information about team structures and roles;
  • Information about incidents in the workplace;
  • Client facility addresses, ABN, key personnel and contact details; and
  • Credit check and financial information.

For Referees

The type of information that we typically collect and hold about Referees is information that is necessary to help make determinations about the suitability of one of our Candidates for particular jobs or particular types of work and may include:

  • Information about work position, authority to give a reference and preferred contact details;
  • Opinions of the Referee regarding the Candidates character and work performance or work environment; and
  • Facts or evidence in support of those opinions, sometimes involving the Referee’s own knowledge and experience of having worked with the Candidate.

How does GMT People use personal information?

GMT People complies with the Australian Privacy Principles, and will only hold, use and disclose your personal information for those purposes that are reasonably necessary for the proper performance of our functions and activities as a recruitment agency:

  • Candidates – personal information is typically used for recruitment and work placement operations, pre-employment screening, staff management, training, remuneration, workplace health and safety, statistical purposes and statutory compliance requirements.
  • Clients – personal information is typically used for client and business relationship management, review of workplace operations and health and safety management, credit checking, statistical purposes and statutory compliance requirements.
  • Referees – personal information is typically used to confirm identity and authority to provide references and for candidate suitability assessment.


How your personal information is collected?

Generally, information will be collected directly from you.

  • Candidate – information is collected through your application, from referees, results of any competency test or similar, and other sources such as registrations or any professional disciplinary matter.
  • Client – information is collected when you provide it to us for business purposes.
  • Referee – information is collected from the Candidate in the course of their application for work, and from you when providing the reference.

We may also collect personal information about you from publicly available sources including newspapers, journals, directories, the Internet and social media sites. This information will be included in our records only if reasonably necessary for the performance of our activities or functions as a recruitment agency.

We may request proof of identification from you including copies of your passport, visa, driver’s license or any other relevant licences and will only do so for the performance of our activities or functions as a recruitment agency.

We also collect personal information through our websites and social networking services such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  We use this information to improve our website.

Who else may use personal information?

GMT People will not share, sell or trade personal information to any non GMT People company or person except in the following circumstances:

  1. To related companies and clients of GMT People for the purpose of assisting with recruitment services placements.
  2. To ensure continuity of your service to another entity if the supply of the product or service has been transferred to that entity.
  3. To third parties engaged to provide services (eg: skills testing, right to work validation, background checks, external auditors, superannuation, insurers and training) but only if they satisfy GMT People that they comply with the Privacy Act and other relevant privacy laws.
  4. To parties who may provide outsourced services (who may be located overseas). These parties are bound by contractual obligations including compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles
  5. If it is otherwise permitted or required by the Privacy Act or any other law.

We take reasonable steps to ensure that terms of service with third parties recognise that we are bound by obligations to protect the privacy of your personal information and that they will not do anything that would cause us to breach those obligations.

How does GMT People keep information accurate and up to date?

GMT People will take all reasonable steps to ensure the personal information it collects, uses or discloses is accurate, complete and up-to-date. These steps include, but are not limited to:

  1. Giving individuals the opportunity to up-date their information.
  2. Checking with individuals prior to placement to ensure that personal information is up-to-date.

How secure is personal information?

  1. While any information transmitted across the internet cannot be guaranteed as 100% secure, GMT People will take all reasonable steps, including using up-to-date techniques and processes that meet current industry standards, to safeguard all personal information.
  2. Your information may be held in hard copy or electronically in our own facilities, or in facilities owned or operated by our outsource partners.
  3. Only employees of GMT People and those who perform services on behalf of our clients, and are authorised to handle information, will have access to personal information.

What access do individuals have to their personal information?

To the extent entitled under the Privacy Act and other applicable laws, access is available to personal information pursuant to the following.

  1. This right is subject to some exceptions, for example, access to information relating to existing or anticipated legal proceedings or when opinions have been provided confidentially in the course of our performing reference checks and access would impact on the privacy rights of other people.


  1. All requests for access to personal information is via the head office of the GMT People at Level 7, 470 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 or contacting us on (03) 8613 9999. This service is free unless the information requested requires significant research or preparation.

Please advise us if you wish to be removed from our recruitment software system.  We will amend your status to “inactive” and will remove information that we have no present need for or obligation to retain.

What to do if it is thought that GMT People has made an error?

GMT People is committed to the protection of individual’s privacy, and our policies, processes and systems have been developed with this intent. If it is believed that an error has been made, please phone us on (03) 8613 9999. GMT People will make every effort to correct errors.

How do individuals consent to this policy?

The provision of personal information to GMT People implies consent to the collection, use and disclosure of such personal information as described in this policy.

How are changes to this policy notified?

GMT People may make changes to this policy from time to time. The most current version of this policy will be published on or can be obtained by contacting GMT People.