GMT People are all about the why, what and where of who.

We have decades of experience under our belts as IT specialist recruiters and offer the perfect blend of services for our clients and candidates. From Executive Search, Contract & Permanent Placements and through to IT Consulting services, we’re the perfect partner to find the keepers.

GMT People is passionate about finding the perfect fit when we’re placing permanent team members in businesses & Government departments. Recruiting for roles at all levels, we have access to the best.

How do we do it? Through:

  • Our understanding of the clients’ brand & culture
  • Candidate Screening
  • Candidate Interviews
  • Skills Analysis
  • Reference Checks
  • Post Placement Candidate Care
  • Management of the Ongoing Client Relationship

GMT People’s sourcing and selection process is second to none and our preferred approach is to conduct on-site client meetings to ensure we identify the corporate culture and team environment in order to target the optimal match between our clients and the candidates that we recommend.

To ensure that we have identified the right culture and skills match, each and every candidate is screened, interviewed and profiled face-to-face prior to referring them onto our clients. We put shortlisted candidates through a pre-interview briefing process prior to each client interview.

This provides a higher than average success rate and ensures our candidates have a clear understanding of the client’s interview process, the interview panel and an overview of the key skills, knowledge and attitude the client is seeking.

This also helps to ensure that candidates demonstrate their full potential at interview rather than being impacted by what is sometimes a tense and uncomfortable situation for some candidates.

GMT People can conduct reference checks on behalf of the client, although some clients prefer to undertake reference checks on their preferred candidate themselves in order to fulfill their own internal due diligence requirements.

Subject to approval by the client, GMT People also likes to keep in touch with both the client and successful candidate during the candidates first three month’s of employment to monitor satisfaction.

We guarantee our permanent placement service and provide innovative services to meet our clients’ IT recruitment needs. Consequently, we are known in the industry for the partnerships we develop with our clients through providing high quality, value added, cost effective IT recruitment solutions.

GMT People provides skilled individuals and teams of IT contractors for business and Government departments. We deliver on a proven work history, client culture, selection criteria and business environment when placing contractors.

How do we do it? Through:

  • Proactive Candidate Management
  • Candidate Screening
  • All Candidates Are Interviewed
  • Reference Checks
  • Post-Placement Candidate Care
  • Candidate Networking

GMT People has a proactive approach to sourcing, selecting and managing a pool of candidates and experienced GMT contractors. This means that GMT People is able to react rapidly to provide the highest quality candidates. It also means that IT contractors minimise “down time” between contracts and maximise working in roles that are aligned with their career goals.

We are a highly engaged business. Because we monitor Government, business and technology trends, we are generally able to preemptively identify emerging client requirements. We source the best candidates with the requisite skills and actively maintain communication with them.

We screen and interview techniques to uncover the best, so that when clients call on us, GMT People can select the perfect candidates and move fast for clients. We don’t waste time with unqualified or inappropriate candidates.

On those occasions where we don’t have pre-sourced candidates, we have a number of other channels to source candidates through, including our own extensive database of resumes, advertising on the major on-line job boards and seeking referrals through our extensive professional network.

Shortlists for clients are created rapidly, and we are able to handle reference checks if the client prefers to outsource this service.

Once our candidate is successfully placed, it’s not the end of the story. We actively manage the relationship between the client and the contractor to ensure that expectations are being met.

We also actively connect our IT contractors with each other to allow them to form a professional network with other GMT contractors and consultants so they can help each other to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

We are expert at recruiting executive level personnel, with a track record of placing CTO’s and CIO’s. This demanding recruitment process means we are professional & discreet handlers of high profile positions.

How do we do it? Through:

  • A Professional & Discreet Approach
  • Detailed Client Briefing Process
  • Vast Networks
  • Ongoing Client Relationship Management

GMT People’s Executive Search service aims to source and select top quality executive level personnel for client positions which are generally high profile and therefore highly sought after. We seek, and source, the absolute best.

This is a demanding recruitment service meaning we deliver professionalism and discretion. This is not a task you wish to leave with amateurs, but with a highly experienced, mature, established and well-connected team.

Since our establishment in 1999, we have delivered IT recruitment solutions to a diverse range of industries in both the public and private sectors. We have dealt with a wide range of senior line managers, senior project managers and program directors.

We also have a successful national footprint with multiple offices around Australia. This allows us drawn on an extensive network of potential candidates for executive level positions both within Australia and overseas.

GMT People draws upon all of its resources and internal processes, including those associated with our Contract Placement and Permanent Placement services.

In short, we are experienced, mature, connected, we listen well, and we are professional and discreet when it comes to your executive recruitment needs.

Our roots were as an IT consulting firm before responding to client demand to offer IT recruitment. This is our space. Our consulting experience goes down to our bones and sets us apart as a leader in IT consulting.

Let’s unpack our IT Consulting Services, which are slightly different to our Contracting Services.  Depending on the client brief, our IT Consulting Services can either be an extension of our Contract Placement service, or a whole different approach.

For example, our IT Consulting Services can be provided on a fixed fee basis or on a time and materials basis (as per normal Contract Service engagements) depending on the nature of the engagement. Consulting services include (but are not limited to):

  • Executive Consulting focuses around futures and scenario planning to assist executives and managers set future directions and plans, as well as establish appropriate governance structures to support those directions. Capabilities include facilitation, executive mentoring, and governance reviews.
  • Strategic Consulting assists managers to clarify their business and information management goals and develop financially justified, holistic strategies to achieve them. Capabilities include business positioning, people management, intellectual capital management, and information technology.
  • Design Consulting assists our clients to successfully design new ways of doing things and plan their successful implementation. Capabilities include Business Analysis, Enterprise Architecture Development, IT Security Management, and product selection management.
  • Implementation Consulting assists our clients to successfully implement programs and projects on schedule, within budget, and with a rapid uptake of new approaches and systems. Capabilities include Program and Project Management, Risk Management, Change Management, Communications, and Training and Development.

Contact GMT People for a discussion around your IT Consulting needs – from advice to a team, we are delighted to speak with you. And our track record with some of Australia’s largest, most-respected corporate and Government businesses tells the story.

Industry Sector Experience

Since 1999, GMT People has delivered the full range of IT recruitment and consulting services across a range of industry sectors. This experience means that the GMT People team are not only able to better understand the nature and requirements of your particular business or organisation, but we also have the ability to draw upon a candidate and consultant pool which his completely relevant to your sector. Some of our client industry sectors are:

Aeronautical · Banking and Finance · Construction · Defence · Education & Tertiary Institutions · Engineering · Government – Councils · Government – State · Government – Federal · Government Owned Corporations · Health · Hospitality · Logistics · Manufacturing · Mining · Police · Retail · Scientific · Software Development · Telecommunications · Transport · Utilities

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